Sutra I.33

One of the Sutras I often contemplate and is rich in insight to delve into practice.
Patanjali states that the practitioner should cultivate friendliness towards all, show compassion for those in need or suffering, develop joy towards the virtuous, and have indifference to those who lack virtue.  So, we build indifference to pleasure and pain, virtue and vice. Creating this state of being, we can move forward on a spiritual journey.
BKS Iyengar, The Core of Yoga Sutras
Day 10a
The day was long on driving, through Wyoming, Idaho, Utah and into the corner of Nevada. We passed by Salt Lake and then the terrain was mostly dry with desert scrub.  When we arrived at the campsite in Nevada in the early evening, it was still 100 degrees, and there were a lot of flies everywhere!
By night you couldn’t avoid the brightly lit casino next to us. It is called the Red Garter.  A far way, we have come from the DC area!
Day 10b
We swam and made a veggie dinner in the trailer.  The day was mostly uneventful.
Another long day of driving ahead.  I’m practicing equanimity.