Pratyahara the Bark of the Tree

Before moving forward to the next four limbs, the first four must be firmly established. It’s a process – a bridge-of absorption, preparing for the inner journey of the limbs six, seven, and eight.
Pratyahara like the bark that protects the tree’s inner makeup, so too Pratyahara is a state where the senses are drawn inward. The ‘training’ begins with quieting the mind and withdrawing the the workings of the brain and the senses of perception from objects and the material world.  Ultimately, drawing the senses and the mind inward, a transformation occurs towards a single state of attention.
We traveled out of Illinois through Wisconsin and into Minnesohhhta.
As we drove through La Crosse, we passed over the Mississippi River and the landscape was spectacular!
We also saw an amazing wind farm, rising like statues among the farm land.
It was a smooth day. As we entered the RV site in Minnesota, the sky opened up for a night of rain.
We have experienced a lot of silence. Eli does not occupy himself with an iPad or computer. He has several activity books, a bag of legos and the natural wonder of the land and sky around us. In a way, it’s turning inward. We are removed from the stimulus of Arlington’s urban life.
It’s different. It’s refreshing. It’s a process of transforming.
We are going to begin Little House on the Praire, audio book shortly. Our destination for day six is the Bad Lands.
Peace to you.