Day 7

So much happens in a day here it seems. I have been waking before 5 am, not optimal when you have a quiet place all to yourself for the first time in over ten years 🙂

When we entered the Hall, the middle of the room was cleared out and there were about sixty empty mats set up. We all had to fit around that. There was going to be a surprise (which I pretty much figured out). It was Sunday morning and in squirmed sixty kids from the children’s class at the Institute. They were adorable. So, we did the children’s class! We did jumpings, not traditional surya namaskar though there were some chatarangas in there. It was really fun and interesting. And I learned some things as well. I will continue to practice aspects of that sequencing. I am not taking notes, as I think I mentioned.  Thankfully so, because Geeta isn’t happy when she catches someone writing things down. But then it’s hard to remember what you did in the moment, right?

The kids left and we continued on with inversions. The instructions are clear. Different. Affirming. Challenging.

I feel gently asleep again during reclining Pranayama. Sitting Pranayama is much better than reclining for me right now.

As we get ready to sit and people are still getting into the room. Someone on the microphone always says, “settle down now.” I think it’s humorous to hear that being told to adults. But what it reminds me of are the skits from Saturday Night Live (from way back when), “Simmer down now”  Do any of your remember that? It must be from twenty years ago.

A couple of small observations: When we sit at the beginning for the ‘prayers’ – invocation, Geeta says bend your right leg and your left shin under the right.  Even I had to think about it.
And she was not happy when people didn’t get it. We all are sitting up on a lot of height. Four folded blankets. It’s not very comfortable for me. It bothers my left hip To be up so high. But I am working with it and trying to figure it out.

Also, in standing poses, ponder this: Turn your right leg out and your left foot in (to go the the right). Turn your right foot in and your left leg out (to go to the left).

The afternoon session has been for two days about Certification across the world. It’s been interesting, sort of.

Each day is a new day for the practice of Yoga. Clear your mind.