Greetings from Pune

Greetings from my hotel in Pune. Well, it was a smooth trip and I’m in good spirits despite the 11 hour, then 7.5 hour plane rides; and a three hour car ride. I slept. I meditated. I watched one movie only. The seats were small. I met interesting people traveling the world.

I arrived at my hotel at 6 am. The photo above is my driver who met me and delivered me safely Pune. The air pollution from Mumbai in the middle of the night left a hazy glow. I will be wearing a mask walking around town. It’s just not worth the stress on the lungs.

I slept thankfully for a few hours and took an Uber to RIMYI, the Iyengar Institute. I immediately saw Jocelyn Yee a Unity Woodser; Brian Hogencamp from San Francisco, James Murphy from the New York Institute, and Winnie Au also from Unity Woods. It’s good to see familiar faces and get some warm welcomes. I registered and picked up my prop kit.

I was told 1300 hundred students will be participating! Incredible. I’ll know more when classes start. Tomorrow is Monday and class begins at 9.30 am. The rest of the Intensive, classes begin at 8.30. Asana will go until 11 am each day; Pranayama from 11.30- 12.45. We will have a break and return at 2.30 – 4 pm.

I decided to come back to Pune for the Centenary celebration to go back to source which has given me so much inspiration. Though B.K.S is not here, I feel his spirit around me. He was such an energetic force in life, why not in the spirit world too? Many of you know I have worked with a Shaman, Rose Khalsa, for over a decade, and she talks of spiritual guides. I have my spirit animal; and a spirit guide. I have also at times, journeyed to ask for guidance from Guruji.

I am so looking forward to taking classes with Geeta. She’s a powerful teacher, and her teaching resonates with me. I love her. I was never one to hang posters of idols on my walls as a kid, so when I say I love Geeta or was in awe of B.K.S. Iyengar – it’s deserving because of the life they lead/led. The dedication, knowledge, hard work (tapas), intellect, discrimination, clear thinking and instruction, and so many wise words that have spoken to me.

There may not be another person like B.K.S Iyengar to walk this earth for centuries to come. He changed Yoga across the world. He lived a life of purity and devotion.

So, that’s why I am here.

Oh, and look who I had lunch with today! John!