I have been a student of yoga at Unity Woods Yoga enter for almost twenty years. I am now a retired, 71-year old grandfather!  I first met Lori when we were both students.  My earliest recollections of her are as a young woman with an intense interest in, and commitment to yoga. As the years have passed, I have observed and benefited from the skills and knowledge that she developed as a teacher at Unity Woods.
I seem to recall that about 10-12 years ago John Schumacher, our teacher and Lori’s mentor, looked to Lori to cover his classes when he was travelling. While there is only one “John”, I can say without any reservation that all of John’s students welcomed the opportunity to practice under Lori’s guidance. In more recent years, Lori’s skills as a teacher have become truly special.
How so? First her knowledge and ability to communicate what is essential in any given asana are unique. She helps me, and I know from talking to other students, practice traditional poses with mew insights and understanding. Further more, she is able to encourage students in ways that I’ve yet to experience with any other yoga teacher.  Woven into all of the classes that I’ve taken with Lori is a joy and instructive playfulness that always enriched class — always with humility and respect for the practice of yoga and students. Whenever I had the opportunity to study with Lori her guidance always helped me discover new and truly helpful ways to improve my practice.
― Testimonial #3