Lori’s Teaching Schedule

Classes in Santa Cruz, CA

Classes at Unity Woods

The Gift of Yoga with Special Guest Teacher Lori L. Ritland

While the body gravitates to a tamasic state (lazy, inert), the mind is rajasic (active, willful). Through yoga, we work to bring the body to the level of the mind, and together they move towards the light of the soul, sattva (lightness, purity).

Class schedule

December 27th6-7:30pmRestorative Yoga$35
December 28th8:45-10:45amLevel II/III $40
December 28th11:00-1:00pmLevel II $40
December 29th9:00-11:00amLevel I/II and up$40
December 29th11:15am-12:30amLevel II/III$35

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