I’ve studied with Lori since 2008 [when I joined Unity Woods yoga studio in Bethesda MD. 

I was delighted to learn how excited she was to return to the West Coast, but fully aware, too, this would mean she’d no longer be present here. 
I miss her. We all do.
Lori teaches on multiples levels – structural, philosophical and spiritual – all at once. 
Lori explains how to approach, approximate, improve and refine the poses of yoga each and every time she introduces a pose in class. 
She also conveys the meaning behind the poses, expertly weaving the philosophical underpinnings of yoga into her classes, and beyond them, into your daily practice. 
And she does this all with pleasure, amazement, and lightness. 
I believe Lori sees herself as having been gifted the opportunity of sharing with others the sweet, intense rapture of the practice of yoga.
Lori approaches each class with a beginner’s mind. 
What this really means is that each practice is essentially a first practice. 
What you do today has no bearing on what you did last week, nor on what you will do, nor on what someone else has accomplished in class. 
Yoga, for Lori, is not a competitive sport. 
It’s a discipline of mind, body, spirit that demands a great deal, and brings great rewards in return for intention, effort and focus. 
Lori expertly, sensitively, eruditely leads students to discover for themselves, bit by bit, what she has discovered for herself. 
Her enthusiasm and joy is infectious. 
And it can change your life.