Happy Fall

Hi everyone and Happy Fall. I hope all is well on the East Coast. I will be picking up my writing more now. So stay tuned. And though delayed a bit, keep an eye out for the class downloads imminently.

We joined a CSA program called the Homeless Garden Project. Attached are some of the photos.  The organization trains homeless individuals for farming, and we get to pick ourselves.  The strawberries have been particularly fun. There are lots of lettuces, and greens like kale and collards too.

We have not done too much exploring outside of Santa Cruz. There has been so much to do right here. We have been here just over ten weeks now. The photos below are from Davenport, which has amazing vistas.  Right now is whale sighting time, but I haven’t yet seen them.  I really like watching the pelicans though. They are magnificent up close.

I have taught six classes so far, subbing for the owner of the Studio here in town.  I have had a very warm welcome, and look forward to figuring out a regular schedule.

If you haven’t seen yet, I am on the schedule for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. So, I look forward to seeing many of you there. Here is the Unity Woods announcement. Some questions have arisen: Yes! I will be teaching asana. And each class will be different based on the level.

Missing you all and so looking foward to seeing you. More to come.