Day 9

I might not be keeping the order of what we do when, but we did these eye exercises to create an alert mind: eyebrows up, head level, and direct the eyes upward and open them wide.

I’ve been practicing that when I feel sleepy. Then we argued into eye exercises for glaucoma prevention.

We did standing twists, seated forward bends, and seated twists. The twists are a foreshadowing of backbends to come. Geeta has a lot to say and keeps us in the asana for a VERY long time. It’s almost humorous.

She has been talking of tapas throughout. Today she said, ‘get purity, little by little.’

She also has been meaning asking of svadhyaya, studying the self. Learn the Self.

Pranayama was interesting again. We took two blankets and made a thick roll and lay over it vertically. The head to the tailbone was up and the legs were off, extended out straight to make space in the abdomen and pelvis.
The roll was not even so I felt lopsided and that was distracting a bit. It was an exploration nonetheless.

I’ve been doing intermittent fasting. And keeping my meals simple, eating a lot of yellow dal and rice. (I have not had any fresh vegetables or fruit without a peel at all.)

However, I missed my food opportunity and after class I had to scurry to pick something up. When the Uber didn’t show, it was a low blood sugar moment. I finally finished my errand, and the traffic is so unbelievable. It took almost an hour and a half to go…not very far.

Words cannot really adequately describe the utter chaos of the cars, rickshaws, and the thousands of scooters. Nobody follows the lanes. It’s complete madness, but the Indians somehow seem to make it work. It’s just too difficult to get around which is a huge change from the last time I was here. Oh, and parents squish their child between them on these scooters to secure them.

One more day!