Day 8 – Around Town

Geeta continues to be energetic, dynamic, and demanding. I have no problem with long inversions, which we continued on with.

She spent a bit of time with some neck and pelvic issues with some students on the platform, in both Asana and Pranayama.
We did open eyes seated Pranayama which was quite different and, of course, interesting. The practice REALLY made me use my mind’s eye even more than with the eyes closed. And we practiced Bhrameri Pranayama, the bumblebee breath, from different parts of our throat.

I asked the driver Gaude to come and take me into town. Using Uber here is, uh….third world.

They are everywhere, thankfully, but they don’t always get to the location! I had to cancel several. And the app will say, 3 minutes; then six minutes; then stay at six and never get any closer. Well, not to dwell on that. I am happy to be staying near the venue, in the end.

On my way back from class, I walked back quickly on my own to meet the driver; I was pondering the life of children in India. And I wasn’t paying attention, so I fell, flat on my face! I really hurt my knee. But alas, I picked myself up and continued on. I haven’t fallen since….the last time I was in India. I had tripped and fell off the curb that time. I wonder if that means anything in the Universe.

Here are a few photos of my journey into town.